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Opinsys’s pre-owned laptops become a green export product to Germany

Opinsys Oy, a Finnish company specialising in digital solutions for institutes of education, has signed a framework agreement worth millions of euros for the supply of pre-owned laptops to comprehensive and upper secondary schools in Germany. The agreement also includes maintenance services for the laptops. Party due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Germany wishes to rapidly improve its digital capabilities, particularly in the education field. Opinsys’s sustainable service concept, widely used in Finland, offers German schools an efficient overall solution, which will permit technology-independent operations while promoting green values.

The Jyväskylä-based Opinsys Oy was awarded the five-year framework agreement by Harz in open international bidding. Additionally, Opinsys Oy won contracts for hardware deliveries to Harz and Magdeburg. The company will provide close to 4000 pre-owned laptops optimised for educational use to a total of 101 schools. The agreement is worth over EUR 7 million. This unique deal is yet another indication that Finland possesses digital expertise of the highest international standard for the evolving needs of education systems. Opinsys was able to break through into the European market thanks to its long-term development efforts, advanced expertise and innovative service concept. The company has designed a product family tailored for education purposes and provides comprehensive maintenance services that are able to respond to the daily challenges posed by school IT systems.

Laptop covers got treated with custom stickers with beautiful photographs of Finnish nature.

Opinsys stands out from the competition through its flexibility

Mrs Martina Müller, head of the Harz District IT support team, has been at the forefront in the development of new digital solutions for institutes of education. She is looking forward to working together with Opinsys.

”We wanted to find a partner capable of offering a cost-efficient, secure and ecological solution to our digital needs. During the piloting phase, we tested several systems and suppliers. Opinsys was able to offer a competitive overall solution as well as an efficient and reliable maintenance service. Of special importance for us was to have a reliable open-source solution because we wish to be independent of the major operators that want customers to commit to extensive licencing agreements. Opinsys proved to be the only European supplier capable of meeting our needs,” says Müller.

Currently, Germany is undergoing a major transition in the development of digital systems for schools and is upgrading the related skills. The federal government supports institutes of education by providing funding for the development of information technology, which makes it also possible to expand remote education. Projects are put out to open tender to identify partners that can serve as experts and partners on a long-term basis.

German people were impressed by Finnish technology and nature.

A fine-tuned model for cooperation with German schools to support the digital leap

“We perceive the cooperation with Opinsys as an excellent partnering model, which enables us to make fast progress with our digital leap. Opinsys’s experts will train our staff to maintain the system and will also provide hands-on backup support. This will greatly simplify our work as we’ll be able to respond quickly, and we can always fall back on expert assistance in our development efforts. Now we’ll be able to make more efficient use of our in-house resources, while facilitating system development and preparedness for future changes,” Müller points out.

Opinsys will help German municipalities create a uniform operating model for the IT environment in schools so as to provide both schools and students with more equal opportunities for harnessing digitalisation. Opinsys’s maintenance service for schools and students will be implemented in collaboration with municipal IT administration teams. Opinsys will provide remote hardware support and offer training for municipal personnel to give them the necessary capabilities to assist teachers and students in dealing with daily problems.

Signing the contract was a pleasant procedure even though it could not be accomplished in Germany due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Opinsys is happy to note that the company’s expertise is appreciated internationally and that a new sales opportunity has opened up in Europe.

“Our specialisation and long-term efforts to develop IT systems for schools is now beginning to bear fruit on the international market. Our technology has been ready for this purpose for a long time, but our marketing efforts have taken time. With new customers, the company’s business will also grow substantially over the next few years. As a result, we’ll need to recruit new employees,” says Opinsys Oy’s Chief Executive Officer Jouni Korhonen.


Minna Kela
Sales Director
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Opinsys Oy specialises in digitalisation solutions for institutes of education

Opinsys possesses over 15 years’ experience in developing IT solutions for educational institutions. We serve as a partner and supplier and continually develop new products and services to meet the evolving needs of the education sector. Our all-round service helps municipalities and schools deal with the challenges posed by daily maintenance. It also improves cost-efficiency and supports sustainable operations. Our high-standard support and maintenance service has been developed in close consultation with our customers. All the hardware consists of high-performance recycled corporate laptops.