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Finnish education technology company

What do we do? We make school days easier for all when it comes to IT.

We at Opinsys have been digitizing and developing schools for almost 20 years in Finland, Germany and Switzerland. Over 30% Municipalities in Finland use our solutions in their schools.

Our focus is not in the machines but skillful teachers, their trust and satisfaction. Satisfied teachers can focus on teaching.

Services for schools
We provide Schools with equipment like laptops and servers, build wireless networks, service, remote maintenance and schooling – whatever is needed in the schools in order to support modern pedagogy. All the hardware consists of high-performance recycled corporate laptops. Customers own hardware can also be used. Our all-round service helps municipalities, it-management and schools deal with the challenges posed by daily maintenance. It also improves cost-efficiency and supports sustainable operations. Our high-standard support and maintenance service has been developed in close consultation with our customers.

Many of our specialists even have backgrounds as teachers. Our company exists because information technology in schools must be easy to use and reliable to help keep teaching and learning smooth.

Our concepts and solutions are secure. Our solutions rely on open source software and all of our cloud based services run on machines either in Middle Finland in an old military bunker or if requested in the customers country in Europe. In this way we can ensure that no user data flows outside the EU as GDPR requires.

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Purchasing the equipment from Opinsys brought us 1,6 million Euro savings and at the same time we showed our pupils a good example of responsible consumption. Young People are very aware about climate issues that can be seen also in their ways of consuming.

The benefits of Opinsys laptops for us are an automatically updated exam environment, ready to use programs, and limitless support service. They bring out the main purpose of computers in Schools: supporting studying.

Jukka Sormunen

Chief of General Upper Secondary Education, Kuopion kaupunki - City of Kuopio

Hannu Järvistö

Hannu Järvistö

Customer relationships

tel: +358 44 491 4421

Jouni Lintu

Jouni Lintu

Chairman of the Board, international projects

tel: +358 40 7770412

Minna Kela

Minna Kela

Sales Director

tel: +358 44 340 7793